Welcome to the English part of our scrapbook.

Here you will find clips from English and American newspapers and weekly magazines.

Before the wide spread of the Internet and the computer, there were many who made scrapbooks with clips from magazines and newspapers, with their idols.
We have been fortunate enough to borrow some scrapbooks with Elvis clippings, some dating back to 1956.

For more people to enjoy these old clips, we’ve digitized them and posted them here. It has been a lot of work, but we hope that a lot of people will enjoy seeing the old clips.
They are from the time when Elvis was alive, and taking care of his career. Today we know which of these stories from the papers were purely fiction, and we can have a laugh about it. For example, it’s facinating to read, that there were rumors of Elvis comming to Europe all his lifetime..
But it’s also a part of the story, how Elvis was “used” in the magazines and newspapers to sell more copies.

The clips are reproduced as they exist in the original physical scrapbooks. No exact dates were posted on the individual clips, nor which magazines they were from. Therefore, we have not been able to sort them in real chronological order, but we’ve chosen to show them in an approx. chronological order, assessed from the clippings content.

If you have old scrapbooks with Elvis clips that you would like to share with other fans on this site, please feel free to contact us.

Now take a trip through Elvis’ life, as told through magazine clips. Enjoy!

The best way to experience this section is on a big screen on computer!

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